Now, Now, Now

Last updated: 20-05-2021

Here are a few things I'm working on now (inspired by Derek Sivers).

Fresh Lens Podcast

A friend and I finally got a chance to work on passion project we wanted to launch for some time. It's a podcast called "Fresh Lens". It was inspired by a book club we've been participating in for several years, where we read about evolution and human behaviour. However the scope of the podcast is much broader than that. We want to read and discuss topics that fundamentally change our understanding of the world.

The project is still nascent, and we're trying to find the format that works. So if you want to have a listen and give us feedback, that would be ace!


I'm working on a number of new projects at the moment, focusing on rapid validation. My immediate goal is to build stable cash flow within a year.

I really want to be more active in the web3 space, but I have not yet found opportunities for new products I could build that would satisfy my criteria.

Some of the products I'm working with my partners:

  • EventSub: a very simple event management tool for small communities.
  • A number of Shopify apps.
  • An experimental audio-based social network.