Oh, hi! 👋

I'm Hirad (pronounced “Hee-Rod”). I am an engineer, entrepreneur, and investor.

I am interested in software and software businesses. In a past life, I started a small company that got bought by a big company and learned a few things along the way. Now, I'm taking a long break, and exploring options for the future.

I aspire to see the world as it is, not as I would like it to be, and using that knowledge to do something useful. A Persian poet once said: “Seek knowledge from cradle to the grave.” This site is the public log of my attempts to follow that advice.

Some of the topics I’m interesting and will be writing about in this blog include:

  • Business building and founder journeys
  • Software development
  • Investing in public or private markets
  • Evolution and human behaviour
  • Politics and current events

I’m on Twitter and DMs are open: @theHirad.